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Social Networking Management (SMM)

In the complex process of website promotion there is a stage, which seems not so important, but has a huge impact on your site and this is SMM marketing. By this definition we mean work with the image of companies in social networks.

To achieve good results of SMM-marketing, it's not enough just to create a group or public and be surprised - why do not new subscribers join your group?

We know, that you need real actions, which will be gradually increase the number of community members and will increase traffic on the site.

We guarantee the achievement of the goals in a short time. For this we use perfect algorithms worked out by years, "white" technologies.

To interest the target audience, we create interesting content, interactive competitions are coming up.

The result: a stable growth in the number of subscribers, improving the image of your company, selling services or products.

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Frequently Asked Questions about social networks

SMM — is the creation/maintenance/promotion of a group/public/pages for a specific subject/product/service. This increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. The most popular SMM-direction is the social network Facebook.

At the moment, this is one of the most inexpensive ways to convey exactly to your target audience information about you, your services, about your product or brand.

  • Cheapest advertisement at the momentт
  • Target subscribers only
  • Direct dialogue with the buyer
  • Fast and universal way of creating competitions (We do everything: from idea to implementation)
  • Performance check within a month (Monthly report)
  • SMM - an effective tool for website promotion

    Social networks today are an intensively developing tool for promoting your business on the Internet and the shortest path to your potential client. Compared with contextual advertising and promotion of sites, this way of promotion is more aimed at branding the product and increasing brand awareness.

    But social networks are developing so rapidly that now it is possible to load your products and make sales. This is your mini online store with the target audience and it's all free. Social networks have a billion audience and promoting in social networks is the cheapest way to convey information about your services.

    We specialize in working in social networks since 2006. We do everything wisely to achieve the results you need in any country in the world. We configure targeted advertising competently based on many years of experience and sharpened algorithms of reference.

    To all our clients we provide full access to all created accounts. All statistics are available in accounts for viewing 24/7.

    Today sotsseti are a powerful factor of influence on a potential audience. This opinion is very correct, because social networks allow you to create ads that will have a narrow focus - they are guaranteed to be read by people who are interested in these proposals. We have the most popular Facebook and Instagram, however, depending on the type of your business, you can work on Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat or LinkedIn. However, once again we will emphasize that for each business it is necessary to consider its own version of development in social networks.

    Our studio offers a comprehensive promotion in social networks, in particular, in the most popular in our country: Facebook.

    Advertising in Facebook is changing every year, the requirements for public goods are being transformed, which are used as trading platforms. Therefore it is very important to approach the promotion in Fb with knowledge of all algorithms and rules.

    It is important to create a group in the social network with a link to the brand, only in this case it will give the result, that is, to help you sell.

    Filling social networks

    Regular filling the group with information is equally important, but it is necessary to ensure that you do not cross the thin line and not be intrusive. The flow of information, which does not stop, will be perceived as spam, and the person will simply leave the group. It is important to create posts that will be of interest to users. Ability to submit advertising information in a form in which it is necessarily read - a valuable skill, and we are skillfully using it. Web site promotion in social networks is performed by professional employees who know all the subtleties of SMM. You can save money and charge the same services to company employees, but you will get the effect and result much later.

    The main question for all customers is how to promote the page in Fb, and how quickly will it bring in revenue? It takes several months to lead the group into leaders, and in order to shorten this period, it will be necessary to set up Internet advertising and other aggressive promotion methods. "White" promotion methods do not give an fast and big increase in visitors.

    In our company you get effective, step by step scrolling of company pages in the necessary social networks.