Contextual advertising

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Contextual advertising

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The service includes the following types of work
Setting up contextual advertising
Google AdWords
Work with analytics tools
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Google My Business
Video ads
Setting up banner advertising (Display Network,
remarketing, retargeting, dynamic remarketing)
Audit of advertising
Examples of contextual advertising in Google and placement on Google Maps
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We do not exchange our time for substandard projects. Only quality, only hardcore!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Define the purpose of the advertising campaign. Is it corny? However, this is the basis for a successful campaign;

2. Set up web analytics counters and set up goals / conversions, events. Set conversion tags;

3. Developing a remarketing and retargeting scheme;

4. We launch the campaigns and conduct the first analytical studies;

5. Optimize the campaign.

  • Access to your account in ads and analytics
  • You will see a complete picture of the movement of all your money in your account, and you will not have any doubts about the effectiveness of the funds used
  • Instant changes in the work of advertising, which will effectively allocate the budget and lead to quick profits
  • Do you want to sell the "leftovers" of goods from the warehouse? Have you brought new products? Need to notify of a new promotion or a discount in honor of the holiday? We will quickly adjust your advertising
  • Recommendations for improving your website
  • Exact targeting to your target audience
  • Quick launch - in just two days, potential customers will visit your site
  • The ability to quickly sell a product or service
  • Effective cost control
  • The ability to quickly achieve repeat sales through remarketing
  • Fast branding with Display Ads
  • Rapid response to changing business realities
  • Contextual advertising - an effective tool for website promotion

    Contextual advertising is one of the most powerful tools of Internet marketing, increasing Internet sales. The essence of contextual advertising is the display of contextual ads that the search engine shows on topical queries, if they were added to the settings of the advertising campaign. These ads are displayed only when the user entered the required query, and is very likely to be ready to buy.

    Site owners are interested in how cost-effective contextual advertising is. It should be borne in mind that there is no exact amount or interest, since the outcome will be different in each individual case. The profitability of contextual advertising is calculated taking into account such factors as the region, thematic requests.

    Contextual advertising uses many tools, one of the most effective and powerful among them is PPC (Pay Per Click). With this tool you can achieve instant sales.

    PPC can be compared to a virtual sieve, through which every day a billion audience passes, and you get the most promising customers already ready to order a product or service. Thanks to the PPC tool, the site owner pays only for the target audience that your ad or banner was interested in, and they went over it. In addition, there is an opportunity to focus on narrow segments of the target audience.

    Proceeding from this, Pay Per Click allows to achieve instant result, to attract to your company the "right" target audience, to increase sales and recognition of the company.

    Basic advantages of cooperation with us in contextual advertising

    Our team is determined by the reliability and quality of work on any project. Before we take the development of a new site, we conduct a thorough analysis, evaluate the prospects and create an individual plan. Only after this we draw up and conclude a contract.

    We strive to ensure that our clients trust us and understand the essence and principles of our work. Therefore, we pay much attention to the tuning of the system of analytical tools. We use algorithms that fix the actions of users on your site - thanks to this you will be able to see which channels are more profitable, control costs, and more effectively plan the advertising budget.

    Every customer, before the start of work, we warn that there is no way to calculate the exact profitability of an advertising campaign. This is due to the fact that several factors influence the effectiveness of PPC at once: product, target audience, niche, USP, competitiveness of the sphere.

    In order to determine these factors, clarify the main issues, we use a test period with a minimum payment. When the campaign is gaining momentum, it becomes effective, the budget is gradually increasing.