Development of an individual site

Develop a website for
the needs of your business

Development of an individual site

Development of an individual site - this is the right decision, which will accurately emphasize the uniqueness of your business! Such type of site is created for the needs of your business, a certain target audience, with convenient usability and functionality. The main goal of this product is to obtain the maximum number of conversions (orders, filled forms, etc.).

Individual site is the best tool for business development!

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Individual site


Individual site


Development of an individual site

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Website.You are a creative person, which is not accustomed to live according to the established rules? You are accustomed to stand out and always act differently from others? Standard solutions are too commonplace for you? Then the site for you should be unique and non-standard.

We will help you to develop an individual website.

The cost of developing an individual site is from 1500 usd.

Development of an individual site is the key to the successful implementation of your products or the popularization of your services. We will develop for you a unique website, which will be one of the best in your topic.

Individual site - your way to success!

In the modern business world, the image of any company is determined by the design and functionality of the website. Without exaggeration, we can say that the corporate website of the company is its face, because it is estimated by it how seriously the company claims itself.

If you have enough time and financial resources, the best solution for a quality start will be the development of an individual site.

Since the development of the site is a complex process, consisting of many stages, it will be right to entrust it to an experienced team of professionals who thoroughly studied all the subtleties of web development. The company TIOS has been working in the field of IT development since 2006, during this time we created effective and successful websites. You can always get acquainted with the grateful reviews of our clients in our portfolio.

Many businessmen are stopped by the fact that creating an individual website requires more resources than creating a business card site. But think about it - will you be saving on high-quality advertising or printing products? But the site is your virtual representation, to which close attention is paid by visitors and partners.

Individual site: uniqueness with high functionality

The basic advantage of an individual site is a unique design created by us with full consideration for the specifics and specificity of your company. The site will be designed in corporate colors, above your logo. The appearance of the site, as well as usability, are the most important factors affecting the attendance and indexation by search engines.

It is worth recalling once again that the unique design positively influences the image of your company. Moreover, an individual website is easier and more easily promoted in search engines. All these features are inextricably linked with the increase in sales and recognition of the company.

During the development of an individual site, all your wishes are taken into account, which concern the design, functionality, submission of information.

The individual site, developed in private, has more functionality: online payment system, comment modules, online consultant and other useful functions.

By ordering the development of an individual site in our company, you also receive up to ten pages that have been tuned to search engine optimization, a one-year warranty, control testing.

Your individual website, which has been thoroughly tested, in perfect condition, with quality content, will become an effective tool for promoting and increasing sales.