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We have more than 10 years' experience.
We know all the details of sales in practice!

Development of online store

Development of online store - is a fast way to profit, prosperity and your success! We know first hand all details of creating a store from scratch - we have our own and already successful stores.

We create online stores on the best CMS Yii2 Framework. This is a framework (constructor) in which there are no boundaries. All the best online stores are made on the frameworks. In comparison with others - there are no boundaries, you can implement any idea, any functionality. We have a simple style of work: you pay - we do.

We have already developed a huge and already tested base of functionality for the store. Therefore, we know how, in practice, and not just in theory, to make a successful business on the Internet.

Developing an online store is the right way to successfully develop your business! For us, there is no functional that we could not develop for you. Our programmers do not know the word "I can not"!

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Simple and understandable process of developing your online store
Everything is simple and clear!
Meeting, discussion of the project, setting goals and objectives
Creation of design and concept
Site development
Filling the site
Site test
Starting the site, hosting
Meeting, negotiation and discussion. We meet at a convenient time for you in our office and discuss the smallest details and goals of the project. If you already have a technical assignment, we will discuss it and approve, or compose it ourselves.
Our team will develop you a quality online store
You get a whole set of advantages by ordering us to develop an online store
We create sites on the best CMS Yii2 Framework

We use the best in the world development platform Yii2.

This is an unconventional platform, with its help we can realize any technical capabilities for your business. We will never say you "no" in the development of additional site features.

In your online store (on the platform Yii2) you can make any changes and corrections.

What's the difference with other platforms?
Yii 2 Framework
Another CMS
The default security is at a high level. Including validation, filtering, SQL injection protection and XSS.
Deficiencies in security systems - constant updates are required
Universal set of functional: the old site can be modified, as well as the creation of new site elements of any type
Functional is limited to ready-made modules, which are difficult to change or it takes a lot of time
Template style
High productivity and speed: Yii2 has a powerful caching system and is aimed at working perfectly with AJAX
Low productivity and speed: to get high speed of the site, refinements are needed, and this is expensive for resources

Not all CMS are bad, because for each task there is a solution. Simply, we believe that Yii2 is a universal and flexible tool for developing and working with the site.

Order the development of the online store from us and get a gift:
Free hosting for 1 year as a gift
Selection and registration of the required domain name for 1 year
SSL security certificate (https) for 1 year as a gift!
Basic seo site optimization!
Staff training of using the site
Free mailboxes with the name of the site
Consultation on your project
Site maintenance for 1 year
Your online store will be unique!
We will analyze your area of activity and competitors;
We will know the needs of your customers;
We will develop a store that generates a profit.
Your store will be one of the best in your field of business!
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Development of an online store


Online shop

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our experience in the development of sites is more than 10 years.
  • We maintain our own online shops, so we know exactly how to attract customers and organize sales.
  • We have a huge tested database of modules for the online store.
  • We make the adaptive and mobile version of the store by default.
  • We can make any functional you invented.
  • We make all projects at the agreed time. We are not "sick" and always in touch.
  • We stood at the origins of site building and the development of SEO-business. We know how to make a quality product.
  • The minimum time for creating an online store is 2 weeks. Faster or "for yesterday" we do not develop.

    The timing of the creation of a store depends on its complexity. "Standard" stores are made from about 5 weeks, because the customer's appetite for functionality usually appears during development :) The terms for the unconfirmed functional are added to the terms described in the contract.

  • Your shop is available for shopping round-the-clock! Your business is on-line 24/7.
  • With an online store you save on leasing expensive retail space.
  • Your customers will make purchases in a calm and comfortable environment for them.
  • Your online store can be fully automated, so that many processes are performed in one click!
  • In the online store you will have a convenient analytic for analyzing the target audience and optimizing the resource for its needs.
  • Our main specialization is NOT template online stores. The development of an online store is the creation of an online business from scratch, where all processes are unique and individual. Each customer has his own special method of building a business, as well as the criteria and requirements for a future site. As implementers, we can, if necessary, edit it or advise on ways to improve the project. We can answer the question: "How much does it cost to create an online store?" only after compiling an exact TK.

    We can modify any Internet product (store), but you should understand that by default it will cost two or even three times more than the same functionality would cost us with the creation of the site.

    The difficulty is that each developer has his own "style" of programming and very often he differs from the standards. CMS also differ. The most "sad" is the completion of the self-written CMS. But for us it is not a problem. The logic is simple, if you pay, we will do it..

    Development of an online store: sales are everywhere!

    Internet store is a valuable and highly effective tool, without which it is difficult to present a modern trading company. Therefore, the creation of an online store is a very responsible process on which your future Internet profit will depend.

    By entrusting the development of an online store to our team of professionals, you first of all buy an individuality. We start each project with a soul, develop only a unique online store. After all, from how attractive the online store looks, how convenient it is to use, depends not only attendance and indexing by search engines, but also your direct profit.

    When developing an online store, the basic needs of the main target audience of the company must be taken into account. Our professional team offers a comprehensive approach to creating a store based on the results of web analytics.

    During the development of the online store, we focus on your target audience, so in advance we can predict which is better to create a design, how to arrange the navigation elements and other important points.

    Online shop development: high quality and agreed terms

    When developing a store, we pay a lot of attention to usability rules, download speed of the site, testing on mobile devices. If the client can find the necessary information or product for two or three clicks, then he necessarily continues to work with this site.

    We have created many online stores of various themes (for a long time working in web development) and they all work and bring profit to their owners. Such a result is possible due to the fact that we are considering every detail of the online store: design, order and payment system, convenient navigation, feedback form, quality content, optimization, convenient filtering of goods.

    The process of developing an online store is very complicated, consists of many stages, on each of which we find original and individual solutions.

    Cooperation with our company allows you to get an online store, developed with an understanding of the specifics of your company, and also high-quality technical support and hosting. After the creation of the store, we will be able to organize the process of supporting the site: filling of the goods, uniqueness of descriptions, promotion, contextual advertising, SMM, development of banners.