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A small website about your services or business.
Typically this site has 10-20 pages.

Development of website

Development of website - is the easiest way to be worthy of declaring yourself in the Internet! Such site will easily convey to your customers all the necessary information about your service, product, promotions. Website is a quick way to success!
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A simple and understandable process of developing your site
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Meeting, discussion of the project (signing of an agreement)
Creation of design and concept
Website development
Filling the site
Site test
Starting the site, hosting
Meeting, negotiation and discussion. We meet at a convenient time for you in our office and discuss the smallest details and goals of the project. If you already have a technical assignment, we will discuss it and approve, or compose ourselves.
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Development of website



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Frequently Asked Questions

Website — a small site, usually consisting of several web pages and containing basic information about the organization, individual, company, goods or services, price lists, contact information.

Often website is used by companies, who do not want to incur large costs for creation an individual site. Very often when buying a domain name for mail is installed a stub site or small website.

  • Our experience in the development of sites is more than 10 years
  • More than 100+ successful projects implemented
  • We will study the subject of your business and make the site specific to your requirements - we do not use templates. All sites are individual
  • We work under the contract with the prescribed terms of reference
  • We will submit your project on time (we "get sick" only strictly on our pre-planned holidays)
  • In fact, this is a very difficult question, because definitely to answer is impossible, because every business is individual, and in each subject there is already a level of competition.

    We think that in your way to success you need to create a website at least as good as the sites of your competitors, and it is cool to make it better than them! We can answer the question "How much does a website cost?" very "rude": the cost of developing such site will start from 400$, but not less, because we do not produce template sites, but only with individual design. This cost will include: drawn design, adaptation and content management system.

    We create sites on the best CMS Yii2 Framework. In it there are no restrictions on the functional. And also, most important is that you can modify the site in any direction, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. We will not tell you that this is not possible or unrealistic. We are simple: you pay - we do. :)

    Terms of development of web site fluctuate from 2 weeks and above. Everything depends on the complexity of the project and the wishes of the client. But we do not do websites for "yesterday".

  • Selection and registration of the required domain name for 1 year
  • Hosting for 1 year
  • SSL security certificate (https) for 1 year
  • Basic seo site optimization
  • Staff training of using the site
  • Mailboxes with the name of the site
  • Consultation on your project
  • Site maintenance for 1 year
  • Design for your theme
  • Development of a website

    The development of the website gives you two indisputable advantages: saving time and money. You receive a resource with full functionality, which reflects all the valuable data about your company, the services or products.

    The website is an ideal choice for companies that are only planning to announce themselves and attract the audience. This site is important for companies that plan to participate in the exhibition or conference. If the company does not have at least a minimal website, it will not be taken seriously - it is a trend that has already created a society and a real business. In our times, the website is an integral part of doing business.

    Website development with the best team

    Website development with our team will help you in a short time express yourself, create a solid base for further business development.

    Among the advantages of a website is the easiness of promotion in the Internet, easiness of management and the minimum time it takes to create it.

    In addition to this, you receive 500 Mb of free hosting, a one-year warranty, full technical support, backup data once a week, a simple and intuitive management system, the possibility of unlimited expansion of your site. Also, if desired, a news module, articles, photos and video gallery, feedback service, attendance statistics and many others can be connected to the site. It all depends on your wishes.